Re: [ldm-users] LDM, McIDAS and more under Centos 5.2 or something else?

On Mon, 26 Jan 2009, Dan Vietor wrote:

I haven't moved to Fedora 10 yet but I have just recently downloaded
Fedora 10 and was planning on putting it on a system soon.  I'm running
Fedora 9 on the development systems and CentOS 5.2 on the operational
The problem that I have with later versions of Linux is that SELinux
keeps locking out more and more of the operating system.  Also, X11
security keeps getting stronger.  So you have to figure out how to work
around a more secure system.   I generally disable SELinux because it
just gets in the way of almost everything I do.  Only recently has
SELinux offered enough options and configuration to allow third party
software to run well with it.

Yeah, I'm having trouble with that in F10.

The problem with CentOS 5 is that its based on Fedora 6 which is by
Linux standards getting old (released in Dec 2006).   I did notice that
CentOS does break with Red Hat Enterprise in some areas... like it uses
Firefox 3 whereas RHEL5 still uses Firefox 1.5 and CentOS uses a newer
version of yum.


I haven't heard any rumblings about a new RHEL version coming out.

Wikipedia says first quarter 2010, FWIW.

start hearing about RHEL version 6 soon.   But RH did just announce 5.3
which should be coming to a CentOS distribution shortly.


I would recommend moving to CentOS 5.2.

If CentOS 5.3 is due out soon, I might hang a little longer and play with that. We'll see.

Thanks, everyone for your suggestions. I appreciate it!

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