Re: [ldm-users] Windows and LDM replacement

AWIPS Build 10 (I think; it's fuzzy now) in the NWS parlance will be the last instance of AWIPS v1. AWIPS2 Build 1 will be a complete rewrite of AWIPS with no feature changes/enhancements and solely bug fixes. AWIPS2 Build2 will be the first one to see enhancements and should also mark the official open-sourcing of AWIPS2.

We'll see how well Raytheon handles the Open-Source concept.


Robert Mullenax wrote:
NAWIPS is going to be replaced by AWIPS2 at NCEP..therefore GEMPAK as we know it will be going away. I don't have my notes in front of me but I believe after NAWIPS 5.11.1, there will be no new enhancements from NCEP, just bug fixes. NAWIPS functionality is scheduled to be fully into AWIPS2 by 2010 and then NAWIPS wil be longer. AWIPS2 contract is being handled by Raytheon. It is supposed to be based entirely on open source, but is Java and Java Script based.


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