Re: [ldm-users] Windows and LDM replacement

With Level II viewers now much better in Windows (GR2AE) than in Linux, it
would be "nice" to have.


Having said that - making it with Java would not be worth the cost.


-          Rob


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I have never heard of any demand for LDM to run under Windows, I imagine
since any Unidata Windows users use IDV or possibly a few McIDAS users and
don't really need LDM since they have ADDE, et. al...

Can Unidata make the case to current users why Windows support is needed?  I
think for most of us Windows means Java..and that's a scary thing
considering what we need the LDM to do.

Also, is Unidata REALLY prepared to support an LDM-type application on a
platform like Windows that (no matter cool it may be in many ways) simply
can't match the stability of UNIX/Linux for things like this?  I can't
imagine the myriad of problems.

Just food for thought..

Robert Mullenax

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