Re: [ldm-users] Running your LDM queues out of memory really helps!

On Wed, 27 Feb 2008, Arthur A. Person wrote:


Yes... it's a great way to speed things up and save wear-and-tear on a disk if your queue is relatively small and you have enough memory. The primary disadvantage is if you reboot you lose everything in the queue, which is a problem for relay sites and a potential problem for the local system if the decoders are running behind in queue processing.

Since I have multiple machines, I avoid that problem by rebooting one machine at a time, and try to do it in low-volume hours.

The solid state drives, I have been told, have a nasty habit of going out on you gradually after about 300,000 writes (which ain't much when you have something like NOAAport). Also, right now they're about 15 times more expensive than standard hard drives, have much lower capacity than hard drives, and as I see on Wikipedia, really bad things can happen if your power goes out while it's running, even worse than with a hard drive. See:

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