Re: [ldm-users] rpc program version mismatch?

On Fri, 31 Aug 2007, Steven Lazarus wrote:

We recently upgraded to the latest version of ldm and are now having trouble receiving data from one of our feeds (suominet data). Below is a Aug 30 01:20:37 cumulus[898] NOTE: nullproc_6 failure to; RPC: Timed out Aug 30 01:24:07 cumulus[898] ERROR: Disconnecting due to LDM failure; Couldn't connect to LDM on using either port 388 or portmapper; : RPC: Remote system error - Connection timed out Aug 31 01:20:57 cumulus[898] ERROR: Disconnecting due to LDM failure; nullproc_6 failure to; RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection reset by peer ___________

Not sure what is going on. We made sure that the port (388) is open (cleared the firewall). Apparently the data were sporadically flowing when our ldm was using an unretricted port # - now nothing is flowing! The upstream provider notes that their ldmd.log file shows steady RPC unable to receive messages, and starting up messages that are logged before the error and exit messages from the last connection.

This sounds like their iptables or firewall is turned on at full blast.
And if they just did an OS upgrade, there's a good chance, by default, the firewall is turned on and blocks everything except mail (when I installed Fedora Linux 7, that was certainly the case). A firewall problem may have gotten you some data before, but the new LDM and OS probably don't tolerate that.

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