pqact.conf error

Below entry on pqact.conf gives me error:


This config line works fine.

IDS|DDPLUS  <TAB>    ^(..)(..)([0-9]).* (....)
|GLF|SRF|ADR)(...) <TAB>    PIPE  <TAB>   -close<TAB>


This config line gives error message like below.

IDS|DDPLUS <TAB>     ^(..)(..)([0-9]).* (....)
|GLF|SRF|ADR)(...)  <TAB>   PIPE <TAB>    -close <TAB>
decoders/my_decoder.pl <TAB>   \8




Jul 10 19:46:53 pqact[28307] ERROR: pipe_prodput: trying again:    84808
20070710193046.366 IDS|DDPLUS 999  FPUS51 KBOX 101946 /pZFPBOX

Jul 10 19:46:53 pqact[28307] ERROR: pbuf_flush (793) write: Broken pipe

Jul 10 19:46:53 pqact[28307] ERROR: pipe_put:
-closedecoders/my_decoder.plZFP write error



The difference between two entries is; on second config line I am
passing argument to file.  <TAB> are properly added at proper places.


Any clue will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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