Re: Step 2: Getting METARs into the "EMWIN" feed


Here¹s how in envision it working...

You have a script that gets the data from lynx ­dump or wget and pipes the
output to a perl script

The perl script then looks to see if the line starts with K... (or K...
......Z if you want to avoid the stations with ³NIL²).  Matching lines get
saved to an array and at the end, the WMO header etc are added and the array
of metars is appended.

Here¹s the big do you get the data from ADDS in the first
place?  I looked at the page source and came up with a URL that looks like

Unfortunately, all that gets is a message that K* is not a valid station ID.
I thought perhaps the * was causing the problem, so I tried just using KIND.
It wasn¹t too happy about that either.  They may have designed the script in
such a way that if it doesn¹t come from their form it just won¹t work.  Or I
might have missed something in my attempt at trickery.


Ben Cotton, KC9FYX
Unix System Administrator
Department of Earth and
  Atmospheric Sciences
Purdue University

CIVL 4212
O: 765 49-61546
C: 765 404-7986

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