Step 2: Getting METARs into the "EMWIN" feed

OK, now I'm getting greedy. If NOAAport kicks offline, I'd still like to have METARs come in. Say running a script at :04 and :11 after the hour to grab them and catch everything domestic.

Unfortunately, the NWS telecom gateway only has METAR cycle files that do not contain individual WMO headers on each one, which means the LDM couldn't use it without modification. Worse, it has a header that would need to be stripped off each METAR first.

So, I searched around, and I found something that might work.

If you input "K*" sans quotes in the dialog box to enter a station name, you get three lines of stuff you don't want, and then all the METARs sans WMO headers.

If, and only if, this website is hooked up to the AWIPS WAN (or gets it METAR data from it), what I'd like to do is set up a csh script to lynx --dump that into a file, strip off the first three lines, and then on the top line, add "SAUS80 KWBC" and maybe a time stamp (I assume without that, the LDM would choke on it). Any suggestions?

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