Re: Questions concerning pqact

The problem with an action of NOOP is that the pqact file is still processed line-by-line, so if you have

FEEDTYPE    (^K...)    PIPE  ...blahblahblah...
both lines would be "executed."


Devin Eyre wrote:

Couldn't you just put a pattern of KWAL in before the existing one with an action of NOOP?

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Steve's regular expression, as he gave in his previous email, does ask
that the *first* character be a K but your original regex only showed
(K...). Steve's REGEX will work if you are asking for patterns
*beginning* with 'K' and followed by three letters or numbers, with the
exception of (^KWAL). Maybe this assumption is okay, but just wanted to


Steve Emmerson wrote:
> Paul,
> The following extended regular expression will match any 4 characters
> but "KWAL":
>     ([^K]...|K[^W]..|KW[^A].|KWA[^L])
> Regards,
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