Level 3 Data

Good evening.
 I will start off by introducing myself.
My name is Jeff Lake, I run the website's www.michiganwxsystem.com and 
www.weathermichigan.net ,
Both for the most part are supplied by an EMWIN satellite connection I have 
running here at my home, and also 
via www.hamweather.com .

I have a group of members on my sites that I would like to supply with the NOAA 
Level 3 radar data. We normally use the NOAA FTP or HTTP servers, but the last 
month they have been unavailable more then available. I contacted UNIDATA in 
antempt to obtain the data directly from them. Tom at UNIDATA replied to me and 
suggested I put out a message on this list and the needdata list.

The plan is to include the L3 data in my membership package of other varing 
data for the Gibson Ridge Level 3 Desktop Radar Application. 

If anybody would like more information, or are willing to assist me please 
either contact me via the list or
at admin [at] michiganwxsystem.com

I do understand I would need to compile the needed software on one or all 3 of 
my servers to obtain
this data.


Jeff Lake K8JSL
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