Re: ldmprods in crontab

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Patrick O'Reilly wrote:

> Has/does anyone run ldmprods  script through a cron job, and if so, could
> they share their crontab entry?  Not being a unix guru, can't figure out how
> to run it that way.  Seems best fit to run from command line.  Thanks in
> advance.


ldmprods was never meant to be run out of cron.  Since ldmprods runs
continuously, it would never terminate inside of the cron job. Also,
ldmprods takes a couple passes to get the output 100% correct.  That said,
if you are looking for a particular event to happen, one could look at the
*.stats files in the log directory. If you are motivated, you could use
mailpqstats script as a template especially the ldmstats routine to
extract the info you are looking to investigate. The output could be made
into a batch mode so then you could put the script in the cron.

Hope this helps,

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