Re: Question about SunRPC/Glibc XDR decoder vulnerability

Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was wondering...after we download the patch from our vendors, as UNIDATA
> recommended we we have to recompile the LDM or reboot the machine
> or restart the LDM or any/all of the above?
> Thanks!
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Hi Gilbert,

The LDM uses these libraries dynamically, i.e., they are used when they
are needed and they are not compiled into the code like a static library
would be.  So you don't need to recompile the LDM, but you do need to
restart it so it will use the new libraries.   However, if you have
other applications that use the libraries statically they would need to
be recompiled.  A reboot is not necessary.

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