Re: LDM crashing on Redhat 5.3, fully patched

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

> Hello all,
> After playing with the old (5.1.4) and new (5.2) versions of the LDM, it's 
> quite possible that a 5.2 LDM feeding from a 5.1.4 could crash the 5.2 
> LDM, when the 5.2 version is running on Redhat Linux 7.3, at least. I say 


Well there are many variables that could be causing your problem, one
could be the LDM.  Also, I'm sure your aware that the Linux glibc library
has been updated twice in the last couple of weeks, not good huh. 

One the other hand, thelma (our main IDD LDM machine) has been upgraded to
LDM 5.2 last monday and has been feeding many LDM 5.1.4 sites without any
problems. So I think it's stable code, maybe it has problems on some
platforms that I'm not aware.  At this point, lets take this problem off
the ldm-users list and I'll work personally with your to try to resolve
it.   I can set up a temporary feeder site here and try to duplicate the
problem. Can you send the information about site environment, the versions
of Linux, etc.  Also, have you tried using the binary LDM distribution
from Unidata?  Don't forget the hardware setup too.


> this with caution, since I cannot verify this independently. But if you 
> are running LDM on 5.2 and feeding from a machine that has 5.1.4, watch 
> carefully to see if it crashes.
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