20020725: UNUWISC data feed

>From:  Gilbert Sebenste <sebenste@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Organization:  NIU
>Keywords:  200207251451.g6PEpu919017 IDD UNIWISC

IDD Participants,


>Also, I'm seeing a new feed called "UNIWISC", which I am not requesting.
>And, I don't see documentation for it anywhere. Could this be the U-W 
>Madtown DiFAX feed? Things that make you go hmmm!

UNIWISC is the new name for the LDM feedtype MCIDAS.  The datastream
was tagged as MCIDAS many years ago when it was used to feed PC McIDAS
and then McIDAS-OS2 workstations.  Since July of 1999, it has only
carried satellite imagery, and that imagery is usable by all
Unidata-supported application packages (GEMPAK, McIDAS, and MetApps).
We felt that it was time to rename the feed to more accurately describe
its contents/purpose.

For reference, use of MCIDAS to identify the feed still works, but
UNIWISC is the primary name.

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