was down, back up now

Hey gang,

Weather2 went down for the count again at 9Z or so. I brought it back up 
at 14:30Z, after I did two things:

Upgraded the Glibc libraries (unrelated-new patch from RedHat), then...
Increased my LDM 5.2 queue size from 300 MB to 500 MB, remade the queues, 
and restarted the LDM. Normally, in the past, when my LDM has 
stopped and exited without errors, I needed to increase my queue size to 
fix it. I compiled it and it did so with no fatal erros (though I did see 
a few buffer overflow warning errors scroll by; I'm running RedHat 7.3, 
fully patched).

Also, I'm seeing a new feed called "UNIWISC", which I am not requesting.
And, I don't see documentation for it anywhere. Could this be the U-W 
Madtown DiFAX feed? Things that make you go hmmm!

I'll keep you posted. but data is flowing again. I'm sorry for the 

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