NOAAPort latency followup.

As a followup to last week's switch over to Linux SBN uplink machines and 
latency issues for NOAAPort and NOAAPort dependent systems:

Time on Queue Statistics - Units are in seconds, for NCF.
Channel                  Max     Average
GOESEast Queue  102     40
GOESWest Queue  12      4
NWSTG Queue             45      1
DCP Queue               49      1

These are the "fastest" times (lowest latency) that I have seen on NOAAPort.  
The massive improvement with a Linux solution should benefit us all . . . and 
kudos should go to NOAA for having the foresight to implement a technically 
and economically better SBN uplink facility.  After last week's latency 
issues - rooted on the old HP-RT systems and upstream facilities from the NCF 
- this is a pleasant come-around.
Stonie R. Cooper
Planetary Data, Incorporated
ph. (402) 782-6611