thelma down, downstream sites should fail over

Jim Koermer wrote:
> I think that the problem is definitely in Boulder.

Good Morning!

Yes, the problem is definately in Boulder.  thelma went south and we are
trying to identify the problem.  Sites feeding from thelma should fail
over for the time being.  motherlode may be used as a failover for sites
that used to feed from motherlode.  If you need help with a failover
site, please send email to support@unidata.

Tom McDermott wrote:
> What happened to the 'motherlode' host at UCAR?  Is it no longer being
> used at the top level feed for the IDD?

Some time ago in order to distribute the load we made thelma the main
relay machine, while motherlode is now for data processing and storage.  

Updates to follow.

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