20020316: thelma users notice

>From: Anne Wilson <anne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200203152332.g2FNWaa23643 IDD thelma failover

For sites feeding from thelma.ucar.edu:

thelma is no longer stable enough to be used for IDD relay.  A
replacement for thelma has been ordered and is expected to be in place
in approximately two weeks.

In the meantime, with the disk replacement that occurred yesterday, we
are expecting motherlode be in good shape.  So, we are now requesting
sites that are currently feeding from thelma to switch over to
motherlode.  This includes sites receiving the CONDUIT feed.

(motherlode will be shut down for approximately 20 minutes next Tuesday
morning for scheduled maintenence.  This should not interfere with your
data reception.)

Sites feeding from shemp should continue to feed from shemp.

When thelma is replaced we will ask sites feeding from both motherlode
and shemp to move back to thelma, which will be our main relay machine. 

I apologize yet again for the difficulties this has caused.  It's been a
bad hardware period for us.  As usual, please direct any concerns or
questions to support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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