Re: Expanded AVN Availability

NWS has submitted a change request (dated 12 Feb) that could potentially free 
up bandwidth for additional NCEP (or other) products on the NWSTG channel.

The change request is for combining/compressing the GOESWest/GOESEast 
channels into one channel, and use the resulting free channel for hi res Eta.

The same change request also places an emphasis on compressing non-NEXRAD 
data on NWSTG to increase the efficiency of that channel . . . but technical 
information is lacking on time frame and methodology.

It remains to be seen what this means for AVN and other "want list" products 
for NOAAPort.
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On Monday 04 March 2002 19:42, Robert Mullenax wrote:
> From the way I read the latest message from NCEP it will not be available
> on NOAAPORT all.  I think it would be impossible given the amount of data.
> It will be available through the NCEP ftp servers.  I suppose
> if they start using more channels on NOAAPORT they might add it, but
> I would think that will be a long time in coming.  I believe
> the AVN grids out to 120 hours will be srill be available