Expanded AVN Availability

> From the way I read the latest message from NCEP it will not be available
on NOAAPORT all.  I think it would be impossible given the amount of data.
It will be available through the NCEP ftp servers.  I suppose
if they start using more channels on NOAAPORT they might add it, but
I would think that will be a long time in coming.  I believe
the AVN grids out to 120 hours will be srill be available


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> From: Bryan Rockwood
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Hello all,

Curious if anyone knows whether the new AVN grids out to 384 will be
available through NOAAPort anytime soon.  Any ideas?  I would assume
since it is run four times a day out that far, the amount of data on the
stream would need to be tested first, but was curious if there was a
table since it is replacing the MRF in April.  (The MRF will still be
out, but it will be the AVN data)


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