We had set up downloading the NOGAPS data via the LDM directly from
FNMOC.  We found the availability of the data via this mechanism
very unreliable.  There would be weeks on end with no data and
no response from FNMOC on what's up.  We tried to be patient with
them given the military circumstances, but things never improved.
Even when the feed was working, there would often be missing
grids from the full model set.  Acquiring the data directly
from the FNMOC ftp server was similarly unreliable.

Thus we have shifted over to using the NCEP server to acquire
the NOGAPS data.  Characteristics of the data at NCEP we've found:

   1.  The data there is generally much more reliable.
   2.  The data is posted there later than it would otherwise
       be available via the LDM from FNMOC, somethings by hours.
       (This has recently improved however).
   3.  There are fewer grids in the NCEP server version of the
       NOGAPS than those available directly from FNMOC.
   4.  The grids may available from the NOGAPS get increasingly
       less dense in time as the forecast period evolves.  However,
       which grids are available at which forecast times does not
       follow a very logical (to me) pattern, with some grids
       available at some times, and other grids at other times.

Peter Neilley


> I was just wondering if anyone is getting the NOGAPS or COAMPS
> feed.  Is the NOGAPS  data in the feed the same as can be
> downloaded from NCEP?  Would the COAMPS feed cause bandwidth
> problems for us given we still have the regular IDD?  We
> are on a single T1.
> Thanks,
> Robert Mullenax