Robert Mullenax wrote:
> I was just wondering if anyone is getting the NOGAPS or COAMPS
> feed.  Is the NOGAPS  data in the feed the same as can be
> downloaded from NCEP?  Would the COAMPS feed cause bandwidth
> problems for us given we still have the regular IDD?  We
> are on a single T1.
> Thanks,
> Robert Mullenax

Hi Robert,

NOGAPS/FNMOC is a point to point feed only.  You'll need to contact Dave
Dimitriou at FNMOC if you're interested in getting it.  You'll find his
address on our contact page:

Regarding volume, here are some stats from last October for a "typical"
day, approximately 24 hours:

number NOGAPS products = 7607
total NOGAPS bytes      =    683 Mb
avg NOGAPS product size =  89809 bytes
min NOGAPS bytes/hour   =      3 Mb
max NOGAPS bytes/hour   =    237 Mb

The data comes out in spurts, hence the difference in min and max hourly
volumes.  Note the both COAMPS and NOGAPS are under the NOGAPS/FNMOC
feed.  For more info see our web page:

Btw, I don't what that response was that you got to this posting.  Maybe
someone gave a list server as an address in signing up for ldm-users. 
We'll look into that.

Anne Wilson                     UCAR Unidata Program            
anne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                  P.O. Box 3000
                                  Boulder, CO  80307
Unidata WWW server

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