Note about ldmarchive

Hi Everybody!

        I just wanted to send a FYI to everybody regarding the data 
stored in the queue

        Under normal operating conditions, I only request UNIDATA * and 
the local NEXRADs for the archive.  With a 3G queue, I have approximately 
30 hours worth of data on hand.

        Under special conditions like a couple of weekends ago, I will 
request ANY * from the upstream site.  This reduces the queue capacity to 
about < 10 hours, I think.  My memory is fading with my old age.

        Anyway, every once in a while I will notice somebody failing over 
just to feed while motherlode is down or their upstream sites are both 
down.  Just realize that under normal conditions, ldmarchive will probably 
not have RADAR data for your site!!!

        FYI, I am currently feeding ANY until motherlode comes back...


 * Daryl Herzmann (akrherz@xxxxxxxxxxx)
 * Program Assistant -- Iowa Environmental Mesonet

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