Fail overs during motherlode shutdown

Hello IDD participants, 

This is a reminder that our main server, motherlode, will be down
tomorrow, 11/3, for a minimum of six hours sometime between 11:00Z and
1:00Z the following day.  And, a note regarding failing over, especially
for sites that feed from motherlode or our other UCAR machine, thelma.

Many sites fail over to sites that are downstream from motherlode.  We
hope that all sites that feed from motherlode or thelma will
successfully fail over.  However, in anticipation of failing fail overs,
Daryl Herzmann has offered his 'ldmarchive' machine as a server during
the outage.  If your fail over does not work, you can try feeding from
there:  If, for some reason the
'ldmarchive' alias does not work for you, the name is another name for the same machine.

Regarding the NEXRAD feed, we expect that no first tier NEXRAD sites
will lose that data.  However, if your NEXRAD feed disappears, please
see the page
and try a first tier site (under Second Level Routing) with good
connectivity to your site.  (In case of lost connectivity to UCAR, which
could happen tomorrow, you might print this page now.)

And, many, MANY thanks to Daryl for offering up his machine as a fail

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