Re: new Redhat Kernel... and Re: please.....

Hi there,

First, regarding which Linux distributions we support, due to limited
resources our policy is to support RedHat releases only.  We will
support the current release and one or at most two earlier releases.  
If it appears that another group besides RedHat is releasing a better
product, we will consider making a change, but we cannot make such large
changes lightly.

We are just now installing RedHat 7.2 on our machines, and will be
testing the LDM (and our other offerings) on them soon.

Regarding where this discussion belongs, up until now we opted not to
interfere because we feel that this issue is indeed important to many of
our users.  And, we are very pleased to see our community members
talking with each other.  The discussion has now reached a volume where
it is appropriate to move it to the pc_os mailing list.  

To subscribe to that list, go to  This
page describes a variety of listserves that we support.  If a topic
arises that is not covered by a suitable list, we can easily add a new

Anne Wilson                     UCAR Unidata Program            
anne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                  P.O. Box 3000
                                  Boulder, CO  80307
Unidata WWW server

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