Re: OK, this is interesting...

On Sat, 20 Oct 2001, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

> Hi Anne,
> > Hi Gilbert,
> > 
> > We don't yet have the hardware/software combination necessary to test
> > this yet, but presumably we will some time in the future. 
> > 
> > Did you rebuild the LDM?

I recompiled the LDM at 17:30Z under Redhat Linux kernel 2.4.9-6. Well, 
the load average isn't going above 10, but it is around 3. However, I 
make radar images on it and with all this stuff moving in and people 
hitting my site, I can say that it is most definitely better. I'll leave 
it run for a few days and let y'all know what happens when things calm 
down. Again, a huge improvement after recompiling it, with no fatal errors 
(just the usual warnings).

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