Re: LDM for local internal products

> This will take the file /wx/data/stuff on the source machine and write it
> to the sink machine. We simply use the default queue ldm.pq to hold the
> data. As long as no one downstream of you is requesting feedtype EXP (or
> ANY), they will not also be getting your internal EXP feed products.
> Lately we've also starting sending data around on other "unused" feeds
> like FSL3, AFOS, etc., to separate our data stream into parts that only
> need to go to specific groups of machines.

Hi all,

Just one point about "usused" feed types.  Feed types that may be seem
to be unused may not actually be unused.  AFOS, for example, is now 
"officially" known as GPSSRC and is used by the Suominet project.  It is
the case that their network and the IDD are distinct and will probably
remain so.  However, I know that other IDD sites are using AFOS
internally, as well as EXP, like Jeff.  This is fine.  However, please
ensure that you do not propagate your internal products into the IDD. 
If anyone has questions about how to to do this, please contact me. 
And, be aware that with the ever increasing types of data available and
a limited number of feed types, we may put a feed type into service at
any time.

Anne Wilson                     UCAR Unidata Program            
anne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                  P.O. Box 3000
                                  Boulder, CO  80307
Unidata WWW server

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