Re: LDM for local internal products

We use LDM for internal distribution of products on a network of 70
machines. We use the EXP feed type to send stuff around. On the machine
that generates the products (lets call it, we do
a command like this to send out the file /wx/data/stuff:

pqinsert -f EXP -l /logs/send.log /wx/data/stuff

and in the ldmd.conf file on this machine we have the line:

allow   ANY     ^[a-z].*\.wunderground\.com\.?$

And on the sink machine (Lets call it, we have this
line in ldmd.conf:

request EXP      ".*"

and in's pqact.conf file:

EXP     ^(.*)
        FILE    -overwrite -close       \1

This will take the file /wx/data/stuff on the source machine and write it
to the sink machine. We simply use the default queue ldm.pq to hold the
data. As long as no one downstream of you is requesting feedtype EXP (or
ANY), they will not also be getting your internal EXP feed products.

Lately we've also starting sending data around on other "unused" feeds
like FSL3, AFOS, etc., to separate our data stream into parts that only
need to go to specific groups of machines.
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 On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Richard Pomerleau wrote:

> Hello -
>    I was wondering if anyone out there has used LDM as a
> replacement for UUCP, FTP, or whatever to transfer files
> internally within a restricted set of computers. I don't
> want to use rsync on this project.
>    So, LDM would be a simple nice solution if I could
> create a local product queue (ie: local.pq) and restrict
> files coming/going from this queue to my internet domain.
>    I am currently running LDM to receive/send data with 
> NOAA-NWS so I have a basic understanding of LDM but am
> not quite sure how to proceed with this without doing a
> whole lot of experimenting...the docs do not cover such
> a case.
>   Any replies are appreciated. Thanks.
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