Re: LDM for local internal products

Richard Pomerleau wrote:
> Hello -
>    I was wondering if anyone out there has used LDM as a
> replacement for UUCP, FTP, or whatever to transfer files
> internally within a restricted set of computers. I don't
> want to use rsync on this project.

Yes, we at INM have re-built  our inner distribution of
products (mainly image-GRIB ) using LDM. Before, all this was
driven by a massive set of distributed UNIX scripts based on
rsh, rcp, ftp ... (a hell of a monster to maintain, if you
know what I mean)

By inner distribution I refer to national level intranet 
deliveries to 16 regional sites across the country. We are
getting ready for Meteosat Second Generation data that
potentially can increase the volume of dissemination products 
by a factor of 32. (12 MSG Channels .vs. 3 MET Channels)
(15 Min. MSG .vs. 30 min. MET) (1Km. MSG .vs. 4Km. MET)

The fact that it is only meteorological data that flows, does
not restrict contents to be any other nature. Full control is
possible by customizing the key configuration ASCII files.

I strongly recommend LDM use even for non-met products. We
started from zero 1 year back, and with the help of the
support team at UNIDATA, we are running operational now at
national level.

Pepo Juega. INM (Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia)
Madrid. SPAIN
Pepo at home    ==>    p82490@xxxxxxxxxxx     <==    Pepo en casa
Jose  Juega at  work ==>  Pepo@xxxxxx   <==    Pepo en la oficina
Joum Peich

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