LDM for local internal products

Hello -

   I was wondering if anyone out there has used LDM as a
replacement for UUCP, FTP, or whatever to transfer files
internally within a restricted set of computers. I don't
want to use rsync on this project.

   So, LDM would be a simple nice solution if I could
create a local product queue (ie: local.pq) and restrict
files coming/going from this queue to my internet domain.

   I am currently running LDM to receive/send data with 
NOAA-NWS so I have a basic understanding of LDM but am
not quite sure how to proceed with this without doing a
whole lot of experimenting...the docs do not cover such
a case.

  Any replies are appreciated. Thanks.

Richard Pomerleau, P.E.        USACE-MVP-ED-H
Webmaster: <http://www.mvp-wc.usace.army.mil>
Telefon:651-290-5640 Telefax: 651-290-5841

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