UCAR Abilene link down Friday 11Z - 13Z

Hello IDDers,

A hardware problem has been detected on the UCAR-Abilene link.  This is
probably the cause of the periods of high latencies that some sites have
been seeing.  This link will be taken down tomorrow at 11Z for two hours
for testing.  

The UCAR link to the commodity internet will still be available. 
Therefore, products will continue to be propagated from our server,
motherlode.  These are the hours of least traffic. However, if the
traffic is heavy enough there may be latencies on the products.  If the
latencies are bad enough, products may be lost.

For this reason, sites feeding from motherlode that must have products
in a timely manner or must have a complete set of products may want to
fail over during this time period.

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