20010918: reboot of motherlode.ucar.edu scheduled for 18Z

>From: Unidata User Support <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Organization: Unidata Program Center/UCAR
>Keywords: 200109181727.f8IHRW108738 IDD motherlode reboot

LDM Users:

We have scheduled a reboot of motherlode.ucar.edu, our main IDD
injection node, for 19:00Z today (13:00 MDT time).

We not sure how long the reboot will take, but we do not anticipate any
problems.  Downstream sites who are concerned about receiving data
during the reboot may want to fail over.

'motherlode' is being rebooted to reconfigure (increase) the amount of
shared memory that is available on the system.  After the reboot,
McIDAS-XCD decoding and ADDE serving of data should be restored.

Again, we are sorry for any inconvenience that the reboot may cause.

Tom Yoksas
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