Re: Gempak build with PGI compilers

Jeff Wolfe wrote:

Compilig GEMPAK with -fast with Sun's compilers causes it to issue all kinds
of floating point exceptions.  It should be pointed out here that
Steve Chiswell does not recommend using any optimization as the compilers
on the various platforms can cause problems.  I have had my best luck on Solaris
with -O -xtarget=native.

I am going to see if a single GEMPAK process is hopping CPUs

> In message <3B88A3A5.B9E6D7B0@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Robert Mullenax writes:
> > Jeff Wolfe wrote:
> >
> > Jeff,
> >
> > GEMPAK was compiled with straight -O on both boxes.  Both were running 
> > Solaris
> > 8 and patched.  I am not sure about compiler patches (I don't administer
> > the 6500) but it is FORTE 6 (just plain 6, not the updates).  The 6500 has
> > like 10G of memory..over 8G free..the U10 512MB.  I was comparing the time 
> > it took
> > to run gdradr which compites every NEXRAD site.  It took 15 seconds longer
> > on the 6500 AND the data was local there while it was NFS mounted on the 
> > U10.
> Hrm.
> I presume there wasn't much happening on the 6500 either?
> I would definately make sure you have all the FORTE patches installed.
> Have you tried building gempak with the -fast compiler option? That should
> provide a significant performance improvement.
> -Jeff

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