Re: Gempak build with PGI compilers

In message <3B88A3A5.B9E6D7B0@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Robert Mullenax writes:
> Jeff Wolfe wrote:
> Jeff,
> GEMPAK was compiled with straight -O on both boxes.  Both were running Solaris
> 8 and patched.  I am not sure about compiler patches (I don't administer
> the 6500) but it is FORTE 6 (just plain 6, not the updates).  The 6500 has
> like 10G of memory..over 8G free..the U10 512MB.  I was comparing the time it 
> took
> to run gdradr which compites every NEXRAD site.  It took 15 seconds longer
> on the 6500 AND the data was local there while it was NFS mounted on the U10.

I presume there wasn't much happening on the 6500 either?

I would definately make sure you have all the FORTE patches installed. 

Have you tried building gempak with the -fast compiler option? That should 
provide a significant performance improvement.