Re: WEATHER program, GDBM and LDM

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Christian Page wrote:

> I installed lately the following:
> gdbm-1.7.3
> weather-v4.10 compiled with gdbm-1.7.3
> ldm-5.1.4 compiled with gdbm-1.7.3


I have almost the exact same configuration (except I'm using weather

> The weather program is showing some inconsistency. By example, if I
> ask for the latest report for a given station, I get the latest report
> most of time, but not always. Sometimes I get the previous one, or
> none at all. My pqsurf.conf is configured as:

What do you have in your 'weather.init' for 'default_time'?  The
distributed file does not set this and the internal default is the current
hour.  I changed ours to 'default_time = l', which means latest, so even
if the obs for the current hour hasn't arrived yet, you will still get the
latest obs.

> WMO     ^(metar|speci) (....) ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])
>         DBFILE  data/surface/gdbm/(\3:yyyy)(\3:mm)\3\4.metar_gdb \2
> and my ldmd.conf as: exec "pqsurf -p ^(S[AP]) -Q
> /io/ldm/data/pqsurf.pq -d /io/ldm /io/ldm/etc/pqsurf.conf"

My pqact.conf line is identical and the ldmd.conf line is almost the same
except that I am not using the '-p ^(S[AP])' argument, but that shouldn't
make any difference as far as your problem is concerned.

> Anyone who has experienced such a problem? Maybe it has to do when
> pqsurf updated the gdbm file and its directory and at the sametime
> weather is trying to fetch data from it?

I don't think so, because I can ask for the latest METAR for a city at
around 50 minutes past the hour, get the previous hour's obs.  Then
without exiting the program, come back in about 7 minutes or so, and type
in the name of the station again (while still in the METAR> command), and
get the current hour's obs.  The weather program seems to access the
latest obs in the file with no problem and updates seem to available
almost as soon as they are ingested by ldm.

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