WEATHER program, GDBM and LDM

Hi again,

I installed lately the following:

weather-v4.10 compiled with gdbm-1.7.3
ldm-5.1.4 compiled with gdbm-1.7.3

The weather program is showing some inconsistency.
By example, if I ask for the latest report for a given station, I get the latest
report most of time, but not always. Sometimes I get the previous one, or none
at all. My pqsurf.conf is configured as:

WMO     ^(metar|speci) (....) ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])
        DBFILE  data/surface/gdbm/(\3:yyyy)(\3:mm)\3\4.metar_gdb \2

and my ldmd.conf as:
exec    "pqsurf -p ^(S[AP]) -Q /io/ldm/data/pqsurf.pq -d /io/ldm 

Anyone who has experienced such a problem? Maybe it has to do when pqsurf
updated the gdbm file and its directory and at the sametime weather is trying to
fetch data from it?

Christian Page