New Minor Version of LDM Available

Hello LDM Users,

A new version of the LDM, version 5.1.4, is available.  This is a minor
release, made in order to fix a few specific problems.  In particular,
changes were made to:
        - eliminate the "pq_del_oldest: conflict" problem,
        - fix the build problems that occured under Redhat 7.x,
        - cause the path to be read correctly in ldmfail,
        - catch missing SPECI reports in pqsurf.

If you are not experiencing any of these problems, there is no need to
upgrade your software.  For more details about changes see

If you would like to get this distribution, go to for the source code.  We have not
yet made binary distributions for this version.

If you have any questions please send them to support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anne Wilson                     UCAR Unidata Program            
anne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                  P.O. Box 3000
                                  Boulder, CO  80307
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