RE: debate over Linux and Solaris

As long as we are in a religious war, has anyone thought about
FreeBSD?  I'm not trying to throw out flame bait, just pointing out
another alternative.


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> Stone.
> I did not intend it as a flame bait..I just have talked
> to many many people that were forced to go to PC's due
> to cost cutting measures..and Linux was almost an automatic
> choice, with no mention of alternatives.  If you read
> the Unidata support archives and come to the conclusion
> that Linux is superior for Unidata applications..
> well I would take issue with that.  I was mainly
> using this (BTW I still work part time for Unidata site)
> to reiterate there are all alternatives.  I have always
> abhorred mob mentalities..I think in many instances
> the tendency for some of the very "religious"
> Linux supporters to try to replace every Unix
> box in the world with a Linux box is as bad as
> those that would (try to) replace every Unix box
> with a Windows box.
> Robert Mullenax
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