Re: debate over Linux and Solaris

"Stonie R. Cooper" wrote:

I did not intend it as a flame bait..I just have talked
to many many people that were forced to go to PC's due
to cost cutting measures..and Linux was almost an automatic
choice, with no mention of alternatives.  If you read
the Unidata support archives and come to the conclusion
that Linux is superior for Unidata applications..
well I would take issue with that.  I was mainly
using this (BTW I still work part time for Unidata site)
to reiterate there are all alternatives.  I have always
abhorred mob mentalities..I think in many instances
the tendency for some of the very "religious"
Linux supporters to try to replace every Unix
box in the world with a Linux box is as bad as 
those that would (try to) replace every Unix box
with a Windows box.

Robert Mullenax

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