Re: installing LDM outsie of /usr/local/ldm (and no links to it)

Robert Mullenax wrote:
> For various reasons we would like to run the LDM in another directory
> other
> than /usr/local/ldm AND not make a symbolic link from the LDM directory
> to
> /usr/local/ldm.  What are the problems (and workarounds) with this, if
> any?
> Thanks,
> Robert Mullenax
> P.S...Not to confuse you I still work part time for NMSU/NSBF
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Hi Robert,

This can be done without too much trouble, but you must be willing to do
some extra work when you upgrade.  

The binary distribution will not work because it is hardcoded to be
under /usr/local/ldm.   (Actually, I think you could use the binary
installation if you provide locations of files to rpc.ldmd and
pqact.conf, but that would mean modifying the "nonconfigurable" portion
of ldmadmin.)  It's probably easier to use the source distribution. 
With the source distribution, before installation setenv LDMHOME to the
correct path.  You should also change the $ldmhome variable in the
ldmadmin script.

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