Re: Anyone seeing the unencrypted NEXRAD data?


I have a full NWSTG NOAAPORT system and all the nids data (even ARX)
that I am receiving still seem to be in the old encrypted, uncompressed
format. I had heard that ARX is sending it out in both formats, but the
old format seems to be winding up in my database.

James P. Koermer             E-Mail: koermer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Jerrold Robaidek wrote:
> Hi,
> Is anyone seeing the unencrypted NEXRAD data over the IDD from the
> NEXRAD feed?  The only one we appear to be seeing is ARX (La Crosse).
> All the rest appear to still be encrypted.
> Thanks,
> Jerry
> --
> Jerrold Robaidek                        Email:  robo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> SSEC Data Center                        Phone: (608) 262-6025
> University of Wisconsin                 Fax: (608) 263-6738
> Madison, Wisconsin

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