Re: [idvusers] Best animation formats/approaches?

If you want to add controls to the playback of animated gifs, you might
consider this (you'd have to put some extra javascript on your "display


It works by taking the animated gif file apart and uses the individual
frames.  It requires the HTML5 "canvas" element (which pretty much every
current browser supports adequately).  And you gain the advantage that it
can be used on tablets as well.

Emerging standards in HTML5 for the <video> tag will eventually support a
handful of video codecs, but right now its pretty limited.  I only mention
it here because it is the way to go in the future...and the developers
might consider added mp4, ogg, and webm forms for exporting animations as


On Saturday, December 14, 2013, Brian Mapes wrote:

> IDV users:
> IDV offers several movie capture formats to upload to RAMADDA.
> But I am not loving the choices.
> Is there a best approach?
> * Animated gif is small and easily viewed on all platforms. But it doesn't
> have controls for frame stepping.
> * .mov is good for Mac but some Windows machines choke on it.
> * .avi is good for windows, but large, and it seems some Mac browsers
> won't display it.
> * There is AniS/FLAniS .html in the menu, but it seems to require a folder
> full of frames so it doesn't publish to RAMADDA as one file with one button
> push it seems.
> * Various Javascript players for browsers are nice, I could save folders
> of frames and learn to set this up, if someone says this is the best.
> Who's delighted with their animations output strategy, preferably an
> approach that's one-button publishable to RAMADDA?
> Thanks for any advice,
> Brian
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