[idvusers] Best animation formats/approaches?

IDV users:

IDV offers several movie capture formats to upload to RAMADDA.
But I am not loving the choices.
Is there a best approach?

* Animated gif is small and easily viewed on all platforms. But it doesn't have 
controls for frame stepping.

* .mov is good for Mac but some Windows machines choke on it.

* .avi is good for windows, but large, and it seems some Mac browsers won't 
display it.

* There is AniS/FLAniS .html in the menu, but it seems to require a folder full 
of frames so it doesn't publish to RAMADDA as one file with one button push it 

* Various Javascript players for browsers are nice, I could save folders of 
frames and learn to set this up, if someone says this is the best.

Who's delighted with their animations output strategy, preferably an approach 
that's one-button publishable to RAMADDA?

Thanks for any advice,

Brian Mapes, Professor
Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
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