[idvusers] Better flow vector arrow rendering, how?

See the attached image which shows wind speed in a colored filled contour 
display and the wind direction via a vector plan view.  I'm hoping to get 
better quality arrow rendering in the vector plan view.  When the arrows are 
oriented horizontally the arrow heads disappear and I'm hoping to fix this 
somehow, even if it means modifying the code.  I've got the IDV, Visad, and 
NetCDF code for the the 4.0u1 release loaded into my IDE.  I've been searching 
and setting breakpoints hoping to figure out where the arrows are rendered, but 
haven't stubled up on it yet.  Any clues?



Attachment: multi_1.glo_30m.t00z.f003.wind-north-pacific-2.png
Description: PNG image