Re: [idvusers] ISL to save satellite data in McIDAS format


There is no straightforward way to do this. Out of curiosity, why does it have to be an area file?

As a somewhat related aside, if you save your satellite imagery to a zidv bundle and unzip it, you will find an area file. This is probably not what you are looking for, but I mention it nonetheless.

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On 4/21/13 2:09 PM, Robert Dewey wrote:
I'm wondering if anyone has an ISL script to download the most recent
satellite files (GOES-E 1km visible and 4km 10.7 micron IR) from an
ADDE server and save them locally in McIDAS AREA format. I looked
through the ISL tutorials and docs, and I don't see anything that
stands out when it comes to doing this.

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Robert Dewey

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