Re: [idvusers] IDV Jython, Append to Netcdf?

Hi Paul-

You could also try saving this as a data bundle (zidv) which will automatically select all the parameters used to calculate the derived variable. You could unzip the zidv file and rename the netCDF file (named data_<something>) to a normal name, or just load it in but make sure you set the data type to Gridded Data so it will choose the right type. That would save the download time, but it would still have to calculate the derived variable.

Or you could use NCO/CDO to combine the single variable files as Tom suggested. You can also load in multiple files at one time by selecting them in the file chooser (Ctrl/Shift-click), but they will be loaded as individual datasources.


On 4/12/13 1:58 AM, Paul Graham wrote:
Hi IDV'ers,

I'm using the 'exportGridToNetcdf' method to write a grid to a Netcdf file,

   exportGridToNetcdf(outField, "")

but I have more than one grid I want to write to the file.  Is there a way
I can use this method or is there another method I can use?  For example,
can I append to a Netcdf file?

Thanks in advance,

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