Re: [idvusers] Problems viewing 3D with sigma-levels

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Subject: [idvusers] Problems viewing 3D with sigma-levels
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2013 11:20:44 +0100
From: Heiko Klein <Heiko.Klein@xxxxxx>
To: idvusers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I tried to look at 3D data with sigma-levels and PT and PS defined. This
looked really strange, cutting of all data below a certain height, until
I found out, that PT was giving pressure in Pa, while PS was giving
pressure in hPa. Both variables had the units argument set correctly.

So, it looks like IDV doesn't respect the units for these variables?
Fixing both pressures to be in Pa (ncml and <values>) gave me a nice

Best regards,


Hi Heiko,

     Thanks for reporting this problem.
The IDV is calling on the netCDF Java library to do the coordinate transformation. It is likely to be a bug in the netCDF java library, I am going to submit a bug report to the netCDF support. Hopefully, this can be fixed soon.