Re: [idvusers] Issues opening NetCDF trajectory file in IDV and ToolsUI

On 3/5/2012 2:13 AM, Kristian Sebastián wrote:

We save the surface drifter data in NetCDF format and CF-1.6 ( like the
"" attached file).
When we try to display it through the IDV some issue :

    - The "Data Source type" selected to open the NetCDF file is "Trajectory
    Sounding Files" no "Track files" (throws a BadDataexpception). Is the data
    type correct?

Trajectory sounding Files is designed for the COMSIC dataset, if you want to use this type, you need to modify unit of time of your dataset to seconds since 1980-01-06 00:00:00, and the values too.

    - We can display the trajectory and the parameters like temperature,
    platform speed ... but the displayed time in IDV is wrong "3645241-01-9"
    (view MapViewSurfaceDrifterWrongTime image)
    - The axis Z is defined with the ALT (standard_name = altitude)
    variable, but if the axis Z with the DEPTH (standard_name = depth)
    variable, only the bounding box is displayed in the "Map View" (view
    MapViewSurfaceDrifterOnlyBoundingBox image)

I have also tried to open the file with the ToolsUI-4.2.18 but I can't open
it as "Trajetory" in the "FeatureType" (view FailedTodFindDataTypeFactory
The coordinate system seems to be ok, I have checked it opening the file
with the tab "CoordSys".
As "PointFeature"-"TRAJECTORY" is possible to open it and display all the
dataset values (view PointFeatureTRAJECTORY image). The time values seems
to be ok, I don't why in the IDV the time value is wrong. An "unknown"
point is displayed in the map.


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