[idvusers] Issues opening NetCDF trajectory file in IDV and ToolsUI


We save the surface drifter data in NetCDF format and CF-1.6 ( like the
"dep0002_idrifter003_scb-idrifter003_L1_2012-02_depth.nc" attached file).
When we try to display it through the IDV some issue :

   - The "Data Source type" selected to open the NetCDF file is "Trajectory
   Sounding Files" no "Track files" (throws a BadDataexpception). Is the data
   type correct?
   - We can display the trajectory and the parameters like temperature,
   platform speed ... but the displayed time in IDV is wrong "3645241-01-9"
   (view MapViewSurfaceDrifterWrongTime image)
   - The axis Z is defined with the ALT (standard_name = altitude)
   variable, but if the axis Z with the DEPTH (standard_name = depth)
   variable, only the bounding box is displayed in the "Map View" (view
   MapViewSurfaceDrifterOnlyBoundingBox image)

I have also tried to open the file with the ToolsUI-4.2.18 but I can't open
it as "Trajetory" in the "FeatureType" (view FailedTodFindDataTypeFactory
The coordinate system seems to be ok, I have checked it opening the file
with the tab "CoordSys".
As "PointFeature"-"TRAJECTORY" is possible to open it and display all the
dataset values (view PointFeatureTRAJECTORY image). The time values seems
to be ok, I don't why in the IDV the time value is wrong. An "unknown"
point is displayed in the map.



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