Re: [idvusers] Track Display not available

Hi Ilan,

Hi, I'm trying to draw pollution levels along an aircraft track, just as
shown in the IDV user's Guide (, but I cannot get the "Track
Colored by Parameter" option.
I have loaded a csv file as "Text Point and Trajectory Data files" in
the form:
(index) -> (Time,Latitude,Longitude,Altitude,O3,NO,NO2)
Time[fmt="yyyyMMdd HHmmss"], Latitude[unit="deg"],
Longitude[unit="deg"],Altitude[unit="m"], O3, NO, NO2
20070626 160705,42.30703167,-82.08071,196.4,1,1,1
20070626 160706,42.30703167,-82.08071,196.4,1,1,1
20070626 160706,42.30703167,-82.08071,196.4,1,1,1

In the Field Selector tab under Track, I only get the "Point Data"
option, without the "Track Colored by Parameter".
I've tried this on IDV 2.7u2 and the latest Nightly build (2.8b2).

This works for me.

Under the "Fields" list in the Field Selector is there a "Track" entry? If so you should be able to open it and see listings for Altitude, O3, NO and NO2. Select one of those and then you should have a "Track colored by Parameter" display available under