[idvusers] Track Display not available

Hi, I'm trying to draw pollution levels along an aircraft track, just as
shown in the IDV user's Guide (, but I cannot get the "Track
Colored by Parameter" option.
I have loaded a csv file as "Text Point and Trajectory Data files" in
the form:
(index) -> (Time,Latitude,Longitude,Altitude,O3,NO,NO2)
Time[fmt="yyyyMMdd HHmmss"], Latitude[unit="deg"],
Longitude[unit="deg"],Altitude[unit="m"], O3, NO, NO2
20070626 160705,42.30703167,-82.08071,196.4,1,1,1
20070626 160706,42.30703167,-82.08071,196.4,1,1,1
20070626 160706,42.30703167,-82.08071,196.4,1,1,1

In the Field Selector tab under Track, I only get the "Point Data"
option, without the "Track Colored by Parameter".
I've tried this on IDV 2.7u2 and the latest Nightly build (2.8b2).
llan Levy